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Officially Official

Peter had mentioned in Vegas that he was/might be doing another ep of Holby, and today, it was officially confirmed. Apparently the episode will probably be on at some point in the autumn. It's only one episode, but I'll take what I can of Dan whenever I can!

FIC: Bystander

TITLE: Bystander
FANDOM: Highlander/Holby City
PAIRING: Clifford(Methos)/Duncan
RATING: I'd give it a soft R.
LENGTH: 2036 words
DISCLAIMER: If Holby City belonged to me, Dan and Maddy would be happily shagging away, if Highlander did, Duncan and Methos would. Since neither of these appears to be the case, I think it's safe to assume that I own neither show.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: As usual, I'm a bit late to the party, but this is for the Dan Clifford is Methos challenge, and in fact heavily inspired by tes_fic's excellent entry. Huge thanks go to chinawolf, kazzik (my official style guru), lferion and shadadukal for betaing. ♥

( Follow the fake cut to my journal! )

Looking for a beta

Hiya - hope this is allowed, if not my apologies to the mods and feel free to delete!

I'm a bit late to the party here in that I've only recently started watching Peter's HC episodes, but after reading some of the excellent responses to the "Clifford is Methos" challenge here, I got bitten by a bunny and ended up writing a short ficlet.

My question is if anybody around here would be willing to give it a quick look over? I've got betas for SPAG already, but I'd really like someone who actually knows the canon to tell me whether my characterisation's horribly off or something! The thing's only just under 2000 words, Duncan/Methos and I'd personally rate it an R.

Anyone willing to help a girl out? *offers intarwebs chocolates*

HL mention!

Did anyone else see HC last night? No Dan, nor Maddy however there was.. *drumroll* Highlander!

The first movie that is, not the series. It transpires that both Sam and Maria cry when Heather dies, Sam has watched it 43 times (probably 44 by now), and he seems to think that knowing HL trivia is a boy thing. (hah!)

Btw, the movie itself had very little to do with the plot. Nothing at all really, though I was hanging out for the sound of Queen :p
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Comments on Dr. Harbeck

When I was over at the MiT forum, I read all the other episode comments on last night's episode. Now these were from long time forum members/fans of the show. Looks like Dr. Harbeck got noticed! A few little excerpts:

"About the new man on the scene EMT doctor-Where do they find so many good looking men that look so different that are hotties? The casting amazes me. Looking at the doctor's face as he spoke, I felt like I was cheating on Jerome."

"Another cute male actor. Wow. Way to go Casting.... But I do love Pastor Eric with Sara, but maybe this doctor's attention will spur Eric to want a permanent life with Sara?"

"Now to Sara, she was fantastic. I loved how she just knew what was wrong with the little girl. My husband has asthma and he was saying "she is having an asthma attack!" LOL! Which it really looked like that, doctor man even said so! Now HE is going to be the perfect addition to this wonderful cast of hotness!"

The episode discussion thread is here.

There's even a post from the actor that plays Cash lamenting he had no screen time [g]

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Read Between the Minds

Peter wasn't in it a whole lot, but more than I was expecting, and I could totally see how this could turn into a recurring role assuming the show gets renewed for next season [fingers crossed] . And how lovely that he got to use his own accent and not have to do an American one!

I'm very pleased at how it all panned out!!
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Some MiT Info

Since I'm a fan of the show, I thought I'd pass on some general info, which may, or may not be, helpful

The official site is here.

There are two 'official' places to discuss the show/episodes.

One is the forums/message boards (which are visited and posted to by various cast and crew members from time to time) You have to register to post to the forums, but not to read them.

The other is Blogs in Trees, which is the show writer blog. After an episode airs, the writer of the episode will post about it, and readers can post comments. Usually the blog post goes up the evening of, or the morning after. There's no registration required to comment, but comments are screened.

I figure it couldn't hurt to mention how much we liked that new doctor guy!

And if anyone has any questions about the show in general, feel free to holler in my general direction.