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Summer Fic Prompts

Since no one had an opinion on whether more than one person could claim a prompt, I shall be the Pirate Queen, and declare that, yes, you can! Claim as many as you like, let us know in the comments what you're taking. And still Queen, you can even claim your own prompt if the fancy takes you.

A true summer challenge, you have till the end of the summer, Sept. 22, to post your stories. Of course, you can post them earlier.

A slash ( / ) & 'Pairing' indicates a romantic/sexual relationship, a comma ( , ) & 'Characters' denotes including two characters in the story. If I misunderstood your prompt, let me know, and I'll change it. The original prompt post is here.

The prompts to follow under the cut...

1: Pairing: Dan(Methos)/Connie
Prompt: Rock-A-Bye-Baby

2: Pairing:Dan(Methos)/Maddy
Prompt: Watchers

3: Characters: Dan(Methos), Maddy
Prompt: Maddy is newly immmortal

4: Pairing: Dan(Methos)/Janette
Fandoms: Highlander/Holby, Forever Knight
Prompt: Once Upon a Time

5: Pairing: Dan(Not Methos)/Unknown Female Character
Prompt: Who was fianceé number one and why did Dan jilt her?

6: Characters: Dan(Methos), Harvey
Prompt: Harvey is immortal

7: Pairing: Dan/Methos
Prompt: Dan Meets Methos

8: Characters: Dan(not Methos), Duncan
Fandoms: Highlander/Holby
Prompt: In the shadow of another

9: Pairing: Dan(Methos)/Jac
Prompt: Old age and treachery.

Tags: fic challenges

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