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The Dan Clifford Episode Guide

Between the BBC site, and my Holby City tag on my LJ, and the posts here, I've put together a very basic Holby City Episode Guide for Dan Clifford content :) I still need to supply summaries for several, and will try and get to that one of these days.

Summaries are from the BBC, my notes are in italics, and the episode titles are courtesy of ruamor.

Tues 28th November: It’s Been a Long Day
New consultant Dan operated on Peter, Abra's kidney patient, who was back with problems. Peter lied and said he'd had the op done in Kosovo. Dan’s former fiancé turned up, demanding to see him. After jilting her at the altar, Camilla was furious he'd still gone on their honeymoon.

Oh, the crockery that was hurled!

Tuesday 5th December: The Bitterest Pill
Abra confided in Kyla about the illegal kidney op. She was furious but agreed to help modify old operation notes to stop Dan prying. Robbie the lab technician told Dan that a Kosovan doctor gave Peter a pig’s kidney. Dan seemed to believe him, but Abra remained guarded.

Thursday 14th Dec: Crossing The Line
Dan scenes.

Tuesday 19th December: The Good Fight
Lola refused to believe Steve was ready to take back Leanne. Lola blackmailed Matt into revealing information on Steve's new partner. Dan stopped her from calling social services and she handed Leanne back.

The Methos quote!

Thursday 28th Dec: The Very Thought Of You
Dan operated on Leanne's father in the ambulance but his condition deteriorated and he died. Lola realised that she couldn't be a good guardian and have a career. She said an emotional goodbye to Leanne.

Really good Dan eppie

Tuesday 2nd Jan: I Know Thee Not

Dan scenes

Thursday 4th Jan: The Games People Play
Dan suspected Abra was stealing anti-viral drugs. He opened his locker hoping to find them but they'd been moved. Dan admired Abra's cunning.

Excellent Dan episode

Thursday 9th Jan: The End of the World As We Know It
Dan cunningly made Abra confess to sending drugs to Africa. He forced Abra to leave Holby. Kyla was devastated to discover he'd left without saying goodbye.

Without a doubt, one of the best Dan episodes

Thursday 16th Jan: Face Value
Mystery continued to surround Abra’s sudden departure. Jac tricked Diane into confronting Dan about who'd fill Abra's job. But her plan backfired when Dan made the impromptu decision to offer Diane the job. Former colleague of Dan, doctor Maddy burst on the scene. Maddy persuaded a cynical Jac to perform a ground-breaking operation via hypnosis. Dan hailed Maddy’s first day as spectacular.

Love this for the intro of Maddy and for the Maddy and Dan interaction

Tuesday 23rd Jan: Feast or Famine
Dan warned Diane not to let him down on her first day as consultant. Faced with an ethical dilemma, Diane asked for his advice, but he refused to help. Diane then took a gamble and chose to operate. Luckily it paid off and Dan was suitably impressed.

Tuesday 30th Jan: Into the Dark
Connie had a furious argument with Dan after he tried to use her theatre space. The pair were reconciled but Connie suggested to Dan that his luck would soon run out. Elsewhere, Donna won £20,000 on a scratch card, but remained suitably vague when reminded of her syndicate with Maddy and Dean.

Love this one!!

Tuesday 6th Feb: Blood Ties
Dan scenes.

Tuesday 13th Feb: I Feel Pretty
Dan persuaded Diane to cover his shift as the consultant on call. Jac was furious and tried to set her up. Despite a misdiagnosis, Dan praised Diane, infuriating Jac further. Diane found a mystery box of chocolates in her locker. She assumed they were from Dan and told the others. Jac was overjoyed to discover that they were really from a drug company.

Tuesday 20th Feb: Can’t Buy Me Love
Some Dan scenes.

Tuesday 6th Mar: The Borders of Sleep
Some Dan scenes.

Tuesday 20th Mar: Stargazer
During theatre, Diane revealed to Dan that Ric never made her feel good about herself and was responsible for her stop-start career. Just at that moment, Ric walked in. Elsewhere, Matt persuaded Dean to cover for him whilst he met Nikki.

Tuesday 27th Mar: What Lies Beneath
Maddy got the shock of her life when her father collapsed from a stab wound in the staff room. Discovering that he'd absconded from prison, she begged Dan to help. Reluctantly, he agreed but only after Maddy reminded him that he owed her.

One of my favourite Dan episodes.

Wednesday 28th Mar: Bedlam
Dean revealed to Matt that Nikki's file illustrated she had serious psychiatric problems. Dan was forced to suspend Matt for unethical behaviour, and Dean for snooping at confidential files. Dean salvaged his career by accepting a job on the psychiatric ward.

Tuesday 3rd Apr
No Dan.

Tuesday 10th Apr: Paranoid Android
Jac tried to sweet talk Dan into letting her in on a pioneering robotic procedure that was taking place that day. When Dan refused, Jac schemed herself onto the team upsetting Elliot and Joseph in the process.

Tuesday 17th Apr: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Some Dan scenes.

The ‘all sex’ line was in this one. Classic Dan in this episode.

Tuesday 24th Apr: Leap Of Faith
Ric reported Faye for questioning Thandie's judgement and persuaded Diane to back him up. But when Thandie took the credit for Faye's lateral thinking, Dan saw through her and promoted Faye to Sister.

Tuesday 1st May
No Dan scenes.

Thursday 10th May: After the Fall
Dan rushed Harvey into theatre but couldn't save him. Angry and upset, Max accused Kyla of making Harvey jump. Without thinking, Kyla took a swipe at him, not realising that a policeman was watching.

Thursday 17th May
Dan surprised Thandie with a job offer in AAU. When she turned it down, Dan made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate her on his ward any longer.

Thursday 24 May: The Human Jungle
Abra returned having struck a deal with Sutherland to implement some changes in AAU. Dan was far from pleased to see him and advised Abra to keep quiet about being let off the hook. But Abra simply revelled in Dan's discomfort.

Thursday 31 May
No Dan.

Thursday 7 June 2007: Another Country
Eight seconds of Dan.

Thursday 14 June 2007: Close Relations
No Dan

Thursday 21 June 2007
No Dan

Thursday 28 June 2007: Countdown
Devious Dan asked Jac to take on a patient who Diane had misdiagnosed. Jac agreed but upset Ric by questioning Diane's ability. Realising she'd fallen into Dan's trap, Jac pretended to Ric that it was her mistake.

Tuesday 3 July 2007: Past Imperfect

Mostly Dan at Diane’s funeral and wake, but some good lines! And, the new opening credits, featuring Mr. Clifford!

Tuesday 10 July 2007: Under the Radar
Sutherland's replacement, Jayne, stunned Elliot with the news that a complaint had been made against him for racial discrimination. Meanwhile, Dan was pleasantly surprised to find his sister-in-law, Louise, running a trial at the hospital. Louise confided in Dan that she was pregnant but didn't want the baby. Dan agreed to help her get an abortion and to keep it from his brother.

Tuesday 17 July 2007: The Long and Winding Road
Dan secretly met Louise after discovering that she'd left his brother, Alex. Louise explained that Alex had been going through her e-mails and she needed some space. Concerned, Dan persuaded Alex to back off.

Tuesday 24 July 2007: The Q Word
Lord Byrne told Jac he'd done a deal with Ric to help her chances of promotion. He then approached Dan and tried to bribe him into supporting Jac's application. Dan gave him short shrift and walked away.

Excellent Dan episode!

Tuesday 31 July 2007: Temporary Insanity
Dan laid into Ric and made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate Jac working as a consultant on his ward. Trying to make Ric see sense, Dan gave him his secret file on Thandie, listing all of her mistakes and misjudgements on Keller.

Dan and Connie! They go at it again. Excellent stuff!

Tuesday 7 August 2007: Bad Reputation

Some good Dan at the wedding reception scenes.

14 August 2007: Damned If You Do

21 August 2007: Old Wounds

4 September 2007: Friends Reunited

11 September 2007: Trial and Retribution

18 September 2007: Lovers and Madmen

25 September 2007: My Aim Is True

09 October 2007: Duty of Care - Part II

16 October 2007: Bitter From Sweet

23 October 2007: The Last Throw

25 March 2008: Love Will Tear Us Apart

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