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Holby City Lounge

Where Dan is Methos

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A comm for discussion and fic of Peter Wingfield's current roles.
This comm started as a place to post stories for the first official 'Dan Clifford is Methos' fic challenge in February of 2007. But once the challenge was over, we decided to keep the comm going for more fic challenges, more stories in general, icons and art, discussion of Holby City, and the man himself, Dan Clifford.

Fast forward nearly a year later, and Peter is no longer on Holby City. But there is much more to come and we've adapted! Peter has upcoming episodes of 24 and Men in Trees to look forward to. Not to mention whatever else he might appear on in the future. So we'll be anticipating and discussing right here, just as we have over the last months.

We continue to have episode discussions, along with speculation about upcoming appearances, fic, icons, and discussion of past characters that Peter has played.

Spoiler Rules: Please put all information about upcoming episodes behind a cut. However, comments will not be monitored for spoilers, so read comment threads at your own risk. We point this out since very often during discussion of a particular episode, people will mention something that's coming up next week.

After an episode has aired, use a cut if you're posting about it till the next episode has aired.

The Dan-o-Meter is not considered a spoiler! Nor is casting news. Basically, just actual episode details are.

If you aren't sure if something is a spoiler, then just go ahead and use a cut to be safe.

Tags: There is a short set of tags for the community, and we ask that you try and use them when posting. It just makes it easier to find things over the long haul.

No other real rules besides the usual: play nice, put longish things behind cuts, and have fun!

Mr. Clifford will see you now.

This community has moderated membership due to the amount of pr0n spam bots on LJ, but if you have a real LJ, membership will be approved as soon as possible.